Wednesday, August 10, 2005



What a pathetic loss. It sure feels as if the season is over, as the Dodgers crawl towards the finish line.

Anyway, I need to vent. Some verses in the Haiku 5-7-5 syllable format, an ode to a season going down the drain...

Edit: It looks like I may have started a trend. Haikus here, here, and here.

Easier to spell
than Hiram Bocachica.
Just as crappy though.

Jason Grabowski

Getting divorced for
banging the clubhouse cutie...
Next time, lap dances.

Derek Lowe

Wrist and knee this year.
Rib cage and elbow last year---
Walking MASH unit.

Jayson Werth

If hurt, a Dodger.
If healthy, opt out next year:
Ugly contract clause.

J. D. Drew

Good glove, cartoon swing.
Look as if chopping a tree.
Leaving Las Vegas?

Norihiro Nakamura

No tantrum this year!
But two-thirty, runners in
scoring position.

Milton Bradley

Gave up twelve dingers,
struck out fifteen. Blame defense...
Wife is still hot, though.

Scott Erickson

Grand slam to Howard,
ERA now above 6.
Hurry back, Gagne!

Yhency Brazoban

DFA'd two times.
First game in Blue: 3 strikeouts.
Cruz Sr. he's not.

Jose Cruz Jr.

Does any skipper
look smart when ev'ryone's hurt?
Maybe. Win games? No.

Jim Tracy

"our medical staff...
five standard devs from the mean..."
Translation: blame Trace.

Paul DePodesta

Nice post. The last line in the DePo haiko has 6 syllables. Make Tracy Trace?

I made a haiku about Hee Seop Choi awhile ago... somehow I remember it.

Currently fourth string,
our best option at first base.
Fire Jim Tracy.
6 syllables duly noted. thanks.
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