Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Rambling Thoughts, Part II

Antonio in, Grabs out:

Perez got called up after spending much of his rehab assignment working at 3B. This leaves only Robles and Bako as the left-handed bats off the bench if a right-handed pitcher starts against LA, assuming that Tracy sticks with the Ledee/Repko platoon.

Apparently Grabowski had a sore shoulder from throwing. That's strange since I thought you had to catch the ball before throwing it.

Homerun-Air Disease:

Weaver must have contracted this near-fatal virus before his start today. Previously, the virus infected Erickson, who finally appeared to shed those same symptoms over the weekend.

Quarantine Mr. Lisa! He's contagious!

"He's not a dog. A dog is loyal and runs after balls."

I just noticed that the website is on sale for $2500. Someone should forward this info to the webmaster at

Only 50,000 ever made:

The free t-shirt given out on 5/16 is a "great collector's item", according to this Ebay seller. (Included is the ticket stub - Woo Hoo!) Now I know what to do with my 3 Fred McGriff bobblehead dolls collecting dust somewhere.

I personally like this shirt better.

EDIT: Even though the team has been struggling, things could be worse. According to Baseball Prospectus, San Francisco's former closer Hermanson is currently ranked #1 in "expected wins added" while new closer Benitez is near the bottom. It's Joe Nathan redux. Bonds is hooked up to a 24 hour IV, Schmidt's on the DL, and Pierzynski has an OPS of .814 with the White Sox. Misery by the Bay...

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