Friday, September 02, 2005


Our Enemy Plays For Texas Now

If the Dodgers lose the division by a few games to the Padres, I'm blaming Phil Nevin.

It was he who invoked his no trade clause and blocked the trade that would have sent Sidney Ponson to San Diego in July. Instead, Nevin accepted a trade to Texas that sent Chan Ho Park to the Madres.

Park is currently 4 -1 for his new team, albeit with an ERA around 6. Call it luck or whatever, but wins are wins. Park has been serviceable.

Meanwhile, the Orioles gave up on Ponson and his 6.22 ERA and released him a few days ago. In August, he gave up 11 earned runs in 7.2 innings before going on the DL, and shortly afterwards racked up his second DUI of the year. At least he didn't attack a judge this time.

Nevin's refusal to go to Baltimore might have cost the Dodgers a few games in the standings already. Bastard.

This is the same Phil Nevin who did not sign out of high school when the Dodgers drafted him in the 3rd round in 1989.

Double bastard.

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