Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Customers Aren't Stupid, Frank (And Jamie)

Below is a graph that represents the difference in total attendance between last season and this season.

What a difference a year makes. It sure looks as if the fan enthusiasm that carried over from last year's playoff appearance died right around the end of July. Funny, that's exactly how I felt. There was little activity at the trading deadline this year amongst all the clubs. But when the Dodgers stood pat that seemed to ensure a slow death 'til the end.

The recent turnstyle count has to be way, WAY lower than the official attendance figure. All the lost concession sales, parking fees,...it's hitting somebody's wallet.

The Dodgers have currently drawn 3,469,599 with 3 home games left. It's a slow lurch towards the attendance record of 3,608,881.

Very interesting. It would also be interesting to see what correlation there is between team winning percentage and attendance. Perhaps attendance with a month or so lag from winning percentage.

I've enjoyed the think tank in what was otherwise a forgettable year. I hope you keep it going (unlike Dodger Logs) during the offseason and through next year.
i think the lag here is more than a month... the increased attendance before the trading deadline is probably due to the good run last year.

i'll try to keep this going, but i wouldn't mind a co-writer. interested, slack? email me through the dodgers forum, handle "senorsmog".
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