Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Ross Porter Memorial Stats

In the spirit of Ross Porter's goofy stats while on the air...

These numbers are culled mainly from ESPN and MLB. Some are interesting, some are trivial, and some are downright misleading,

1) Pitchers have been terrible on the road.

Home: 3.08ERA, 1.07WHIP, 6.50K/9, 3.25K/BB, 5 HR allowed
Away: 4.89ERA, 1.48WHIP, 4.42K/9, 1.33K/BB, 15 HR allowed
23 runs allowed in 3 games at Coors Field, 22 allowed in 3 games at the BOB.

Park effect? Possibly. The difference in the K/BB rate is eye-popping, though.

Despite this-

2) The Dodgers are 9 - 4 at home, and 8 - 5 on the road. Similar.

LA at home has scored 58 while giving up only 39, but on the road has scored 76 while giving up 69.

3) The opponent is scoring first.

The number of times the opponent got ahead first at the end of an inning is 14 out of 26. LA has been playing catch-up, and has so far been successful with a 17 - 9 record. In the first 14 games when LA won 12, LA got ahead first 10 times. In the next 12 games when LA won 5, they got ahead first just twice.

Burning out the opposing starting pitchers with high pitch counts? Maybe.

4) Valentin just went south of the Mendoza line. Uh oh.

He also has a .722 OPS due to his high walk rate.

5) LA is 2nd in the NL in pitches per plate appearance at 3.83. But the hitters aren't hitting with 2 strikes.

0 and 2, .179 BA
1 and 2, .192 BA
2 and 2, .208 BA
3 and 2, .200 BA

So the hitters should swing earlier? Actually, averages by pitch count may be the most misleading stat ever. The numbers are naturally lower with 2 strikes because another strike ends in an out, whereas with 0 or 1 strike, the at-bat continues after another strike.

Come to think of it, I can't imagine Ross Porter misleading the audience with the last stat. (That is Tim McCarver's territory, I believe.)

I miss Ross. Most of the new broadcasters bite.

Charley Steiner is alot better than I expected though.
yeah, steiner's been ok. can't stand lyons though. it's still strange having a 2 man team on tv.
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