Friday, April 15, 2005


Stat Cherry-Pickin' Time!

Here are some noteworthy numbers from some ex-Dodgers.

David Ross just hit his 2nd HR, raising his OPS to 1.287 in 6 games for PIT.
Kaz Ishii has an ERA of 3.29 in 2 starts for NYM.
Hideo Nomo gave up only 1 run in 6 innings for Tampa Bay.
Shawn Green has an OBP of .432 after 10 games for the Dbacks.

To make myself clear...

(courtesy of MIT OCW 15.075)

A season is a 162 games, not 8.

Choi (.158 BA), Drew (.125 BA), and Erickson (12.4 6ERA) deserve some patience.

EDIT: Ross hit another HR and bunted a single. Go figure...

Yes, Ross is now slugging 1.000, with an OPS of 1.450. Posters on the Pirates board are ready to make him the starting catcher. All this in only 17 ABs.
i checked out the pirates board, too. hilarious ... they're hoping to trade ross for yankee prospect eric duncan. an actual quote from that board:

"Ross is MLB ready and has a gun arm. In fact, Ross is so quick out of the crouch, I think he rivals Bench..."

oh boy.
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