Monday, April 18, 2005


Casting Call for "Major League 4"

This is an offshoot of some comments off a game thread in Dodger Logs. This is how I would cast various roles in the "Major League" movies with current and former Dodgers.

Premise :

A mish-mash band of unknown misfits overcome all odds to win the World Series despite efforts by ownership to trim payroll to $0 and raze Dodger Stadium to replace it with high-rise condos.

Starring :

Tom Goodwin as Willie Mays Hayes
"You may run like Mays, but you hit like sh*t." - Tracy to Goodwin

David Ross as Rube Baker
"They're gonna send me to Pittsburgh, and I don't even live there."

Steve Howe as "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn
Reason? There's a strong possibility that Howe has also played in the California Penal League.

Hee Seop Choi as Pedro Cerrano (Major League 2 Pacifist Monk)
"I no walk, I swing now."

Milton Bradley as Hiroshi "Kamikaze" Tanaka
"You have no ... MARBLES!" - Milton to Hee Seop

Gary Sheffield as Jack Parkman
"I'm the only winner on this team. The rest of 'em, they're losers. Either by choice, or by birth."

Vin Scully as Harry Doyle
" You know, I used to hate Sheffield when he was with the Marlins. It's amazing how a new uniform can change your attitude about a guy. He's STILL a d*ck! "

And Introducing:

Jamie McCourt as Rachel Phelps
"First Class? Stick that fat Mexican in Coach!" - unconfirmed quote regarding Valenzuela

Last Minute Script Change -

The nude cardboard cutout of Jamie McCourt has been replaced by a cutout of Mrs. Lima, in the interest of public decency.

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