Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Novus Ordo Seclorum

So it might not rank with the American Revolution, but the parting of Tracy should usher in full implementation of the DePo era in Dodger baseball. Much has been said good and (mostly) bad about Tracy. Even if you are a confirmed Tracy-basher, it would be a huge stretch to blame 2005 entirely on him -- but his firing does provide a clean break from that awful season. Now it's all up to DePo.

Turning to an even less revolutionary change, I have signed on as a contributor to the Blue Think Tank. Fresh from my victorious fantasy baseball season, I will lend a hand to secondhandsmog as we critique, discuss and mock the 2005-6 offseason antics. Soon the managerial selection circus will begin, then onto roster moves. Let the Tracy-free fun begin.

wow, i never thought it would be weird seeing words that aren't mine here for the first time. i'll get used to it.
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