Friday, July 08, 2005


Surprise Giveaway!

Breaking news!

For the upcoming homestand, the Dodgers have announced a new giveaway, jointly sponsored by Centinela Hospital and the other Milton Bradley. All kids 14 and under will receive the commemorative 2005 Dodgers edition of the classic board game "Operation".

In addition, the first child to match each injury with a Dodger player or coach will get an autographed MRI signed by Dr. Jobe.


1) concussion: hoffman
2) left shoulder impingement: alvarez, OP (tendinitis)
3) broken left wrist: drew, werth
4) left hamstring: kent, ledee, AP
5) left knee acl: bako
6) right ankle tendon: wunsch
7) right knee ligaments: valentin
8) right hamstring: izturis
9) right ring finger ligament: bradley
10) right hip flexor: saenz
11) right elbow ligament: gagne
12) right bicep nerve: penny
13) right shoulder bone spur: dessens

i think i got most of them. whew.
I would say some of those (at least the knees) apply equally to Dreifort.
yup, forgot about DD. then again, there's not enough room to fit all his injuries anyway. he could be the 1 man "Operation" game....
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