Thursday, July 14, 2005


Rambling Thoughts, Part III

I can't remember the last time I cared so little about a series against SF. It's been quite a few seasons since both teams were this far out of the playoff race this early.

Meanwhile, the division-leading Padres have Nevin and Loretta coming back "within a week." They'll be at almost full strength minus Eaton; the 7 1/2 game lead over the Dodgers is looking insurmountable.

A pre-emptive trade before the non-waiver trade deadline looks more and more likely for the Dodgers. DePodesta might want to take note from former boss Beane, who netted a veteran reliever and a young SP without giving up prime prospects through 2 trades within the past few days.

Valentin has started taking BP recently. His eventual return makes Antonio Perez and his hands of stone tradeable, as AP has value (youth, good bat) and is replaceable from within. Perez's skills might be more valuable to another team looking for a leadoff hitter. (Mets? Indians?) Maybe Perez and some second-tier prospects will net a decent 3B who is not a rental.

LA's sweep by the Astros last weekend might have had an unintended effect besides the W-L record. It looks as if the Astros have climbed back into playoff contention, and now might be a serious bidder for Adam Dunn.

It's possible that Houston is willing to take a gamble like last year's Beltran trade. Houston's window of oppportunity with Clemens is ending soon, and Oswalt becomes a FA after 2006. Houston needs a power bat in either the outfield or 1B. Dunn is also a Texas native who might be relatively easy for Houston to sign beyond 2006. Dunn makes perfect sense for Houston.

I expect every contending team with a need at either 1B or corner outfield to sniff around for a bat like Dunn's. If the bidding gets too rich, DePodesta hopefully will acquire cheaper upgrades elsewhere.

I watched the repeat broadcast of the HR derby at midnight Monday to catch Choi's 5 HRs. I saw every one of Abreu's 24 HRs. I saw every one of Bay's hopeless grounders to 3B. The repeat broadcast then completely skipped Choi. What a travesty.

Anyway, this HR Derby prank letter given by Torii Hunter to Brad Radke is hilarous. The Twins' clubhouse must be a loose one - it helps to be a winning ball club, I suppose.

I wish someone in the Dodgers organization gave Erickson the same prank letter.

Over the weekend, Odalis Perez went off on a public tirade after feeling singled out while defending Antonio Perez during a players' meeting. Surprise, surprise. I wonder whether OP will change his tune after AP boots a few groundballs behind him.

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