Saturday, June 18, 2005


Pain And Wasted Power

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole...

- Trent Reznor, "Hurt"
Today's lineup, brought to you by Centinela Hospital:

DH Perez (in place of Saenz, who has a sore foot)
RF Werth
CF Drew
2B Kent
1B Choi
C Phillips
LF Grabowski (in place of Bradley, who is on the DL)
3B Edwards (in place of Valentin, who is on the DL)
SS Robles (in place of Izturis, who has a tender hamstring)

SP Dessens (in place of Odalis Perez, who is on a rehab assignment)

The somewhat ironic aspect of all the injuries is that J. D. Drew, who has averaged only 121 games in the previous 6 seasons, is SECOND in games played, just 2 games less than Kent.

Drew's OPS so far this month is 1.212, and for the season has climbed to .899, just below his career average of .904. Along with Drew, Kent (1.087) and Choi (1.107) have been stellar this month. Hitters 2 through 4 have produced.

Meanwhile, Izturis (.257) and Antonio Perez (.671) have done little at the top of the lineup, and thus the power from the middle of the lineup has been largely been wasted. Of the 16 HRs hit by Choi, Drew, and Kent this month, only 3 have come with men on base.

Last year, the team was only 3 games above .500 as late as July 2nd. That July, the team caught fire and won 21 games while losing 7; the team scored an average of 5.8 runs per game while allowing only 3.6. This is obviously not to imply that this year's team will also go on a roll, but with the season only 40% complete, it's too early for "gloom and doom" rants. Yet.

Here is an article about how some of last year's top picks are adjusting to the daily grind of professional baseball.

...with the season only 40% complete, it's too early for "gloom and doom" rants. Yet.
I'm now pissed.

How the hell do you lose a game like that when Dessens was on, Sanchez was lights out, and the team got a gift insurance run in the 8th?

Robles twice gets caught on the basepaths, both with Antonio Perez at the plate. In the first save opportunity since Gagne's injury, Blowzaban walks the 1st hitter, allows a stolen base without even a toss to 1B, and gives up a walk-off HR.

LA is now under .500 for the first time since opening day.

I'm gonna go home, get drunk, and kick my dog. I'm mad.

Sucks, don't it. But unless your dog's name is Tracy, it's not his fault.

The team will heal then do better. We especially need Bradley and Perez back. Gagne, unfortunately, might not be back this season.
i thought about renaming the dog yhency.
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