Thursday, June 09, 2005


Mr. Lisa and Coyote Ugly

In the last 3 days, Ricky Ledee and Wilson Alvarez joined the DL with a strained hamstring and shoulder tendinitis, respectively. There are now 9 players on the DL, including one starting pitcher and two swingmen. Fortunately, the off-day today and on June 13th means that the #5 spot in the rotation can be skipped until June 18th, and the bullpen can get some rest after 16 games in 16 days.

It's truly strange saying this, but Dessens is starting to look like a savior when he finishes his rehab assignment and joins the starting rotation, possibly in time for the game on June 18th. The question is who gets bumped when Dessens is activated. Which brings me to....

I was at White Lotus last week and noticed that many of the girls were wearing fluffy bohemian blouses over jeans. This must be some sort of a hideous fashion trend I was not aware of. Why a girl would go clubbing wearing a translucent shower curtain was beyond me, until I realized that wearing such a shapeless outfit is perfect for masking deficiencies underneath.

The same applies to Mr. Lisa and his "homerun-air" disease, despite all my wishes to the contrary last month. In my linked post, I supported the notion that Erickson could still be serviceable, since most pitchers regress to a HR rate of about 10% of flyballs. (The Hardball Times explains it better here.) Mea culpa for thinking Erickson is like "most" pitchers, those who can actually get major league hitters out instead of throwing BP.

His 6 inning, 2 run outing immediately following my article turned out to be false hope, nothing but a tease from an ugly chick hiding her chub by wearing the fluffy blouse thing. She may look OK initially, even semi-cute after a few drinks, but once you get close and personal, the hideous nature of the beast becomes apparent.

Erickson may no longer have his good stuff, but he still has his confidence intact. He STILL thinks he deserves to start. He is probably correct that he is better as a starter than a reliever, but I take this to mean that if he can't cut it as a starter, he's worthless as a reliever. The ugly chick hasn't mustered the courage to look at a mirror yet.

Also in the linked article -
So if Erickson continues to struggle in a relief role, his Dodger days might be numbered.

His upper lip stiffened again.

"What's to worry about? I've played 15 years in the major leagues. When I was a kid I wanted to play one day in the major leagues," Erickson said. "I've had an amazing life."
Erickson knows that he is probably gone with one more bad outing. Someone has to go when the pitchers on the DL return, since it seems that Thompson has earned a role as either a #5 starter or a lefty reliever. Barring a miraculous turnaround or further injuries to other pitchers, Erickson might be the one given the slip. It's almost time for the coyote to gnaw off its own paw in order to escape.

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