Sunday, June 12, 2005


Great Way To Close A Homestand

Just got back from the game. Some thoughts.

The fielding today was shoddy; the glovework of Izturis and Bradley were sorely missed. No way would those two let a shallow flyball drop between them as Perez, Grabowski, and Drew did today. The 6th inning was nearly disasterous, as Drew misplayed a ball that sailed over his head, Rose muffed a popup, and Choi lost a popup only to be saved by Kent's hustle at the last second.

Houlton needs some polishing; he made no attempt to hold the runner at 2nd base before the double steal/run-and-hit play. Still, Houlton kept his poise throught the game, and probably earned a start next weekend along with Dessens, who allowed 1 hit and 0 runs while striking out 5 in 4 innings of work today in AAA. (Edwin Jackson: 7BBs and 5 hits allowed in 3 innings. Yikes!)

Grabowski ended an inning as he attempted to score from 2nd base on a single, with Choi on deck. Grabowski was out by a mile. Choi promptly hit his 3rd home run leading off the next inning. Hindsight is 20/20, but Choi had already hit 2 home runs earlier in the game. Why not hold Grabowski at 3rd base, Glenn "Wendell" Hoffman?

And the man of the hour...




Choi displayed his power Saturday night when he absolutely crushed one almost out of the ballpark. That moonshot may be the longest home run I've seen in person at Dodger Stadium, and the second hardest hit. (Piazza once launched a line drive where the ball zoomed right at me, and I could see its seams. The ball was knuckling as it landed 2 seats from me.) Choi has hit 6 home runs in the last 3 games. The Dodgers 1st basemen, thanks to Choi and Saenz, are fifth in OPS in the majors, according to ESPN.

Just don't forget your shades during day games, Hee Seop.

Now that ESPN is counting Choi's 3 latest HRs, Dodgers 1Bs have moved up to 4th with an OPS of 1.001. D. Lee, Delgado and Pujols are not bad company. Shawn Green, by the way, has an OPS of .783.
thanks for the update. that 4th spot is only a few ticks from 2nd.

with the next 6 games in the AL, it would be a good time to break up the 1B platoon and DH saenz.
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