Friday, May 18, 2007



Hi, I am back from the dead. (For now.) I am on an extended vacation from blogging, as I am slowly recovering from from the dreadful '05 season. Still.

I've been slacking off on my blogging because I simply ran out of things to say. Plenty of other Dodgers websites, many more insightful than me, have given better analysis than myself. (Although I am quite proud of what little knowledge I may have passed on here.)

Meanwhile, I have spent my time schmoozing ladies, cooking, fixing my house, working on my '71 Bimmer, walking my dog, and occasionally putting in some effort at work. Perhaps I'll return to blogging; perhaps not. But I'm still a fan of the Boys in Blue and I catch a game whenever I can. I haven't gone away. I am just hibernating.

As for baseball activity, I've been spending my time playing fantasy baseball with Slackfarmer and others. We are over at a Yahoo! league called Sabertooth Dodgers, and I'm not doing too bad. Best ERA in the league! But I am still kicking myself for letting someone else take Russell Martin before me because I had to take a young promising 2B. Barfield. I am an idiot indeed.

Maybe I'll return here more often. Dunno really. I still post occasionally over at the forum, and lurk over at Big Blue Wrecking Crew. I am looking forward to the Freeway Series and hope that Penny dominates in his next start against the Halos. (Okay, he's on my fantasy team, so I am obviously going to root for Fat Boy, but I still mean well.)

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