Thursday, April 13, 2006


More on Dodgers (and Angels) Attendance

A few months back I did an analysis of Dodger attendance trends, and one of the commenters wondered about the impact of the Angeles on Dodger attendance. Nate Silver has an interesting article on the free portion of BP that explores this issue in more detail. His conclusion is that an increase in Angel attendance revenues leads to an increase in Dodger revenues and vice versa.

The idea is that if you're a baseball fan and you can't get a decent ticket at one club's game (sold out, out of town, etc.) then you will go to the other. Alternately, if one club is doing well on the field (and therefore drawing well at the stadium) that there will be a buzz about baseball that will encourage folks to go even to the other club's games.

i wonder why the coattail effect, the "senior" team helping out the "junior" team more than vice versa, isn't apparent in chicago. then again, the cubbies sell out no matter what, and the white sox fans are largely illiterate.
I think Silver's article implied that real fans (like those in Chicago) wouldn't switch allegiances as easily as us laid back Angelenos. The real thorn in that theory, of course, is that New Yorkers have the same coattail effect and most Yankee fans I know hate the Mets -- and vice versa.
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