Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Bowden GMUI

Now we know why Bowden is driving the Nats into the ground -- he's drunk (aka general managering under the influence). As Rotowolrd says, "the joke possibilities are tremendous".

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Ross Goes Apeshit in Pittsburgh

Or should I say that Ross (Cody that is) went ballistic on Tracy's pitchers, and everyone went apeshit over Ross. E.g., here's dodgers.com and here's Dodger Thoughts. I guess 7 RBIs in one game can change peoples perception of you. With Lofton's return from the DL, Ross was set to be DFAed. Then YB conveniently needed TJ surgery and opened a spot for Ross to remain with the club.

Classic case of small sample size. Sure the guy had one hell of a game, but overall he just ain't that good. He's known as a very good defensive outfielder, but with the exception of one afternoon in Pittsburgh, his bat isn't all that. Zips projects him with a .718 OPS for 2006. OK for a backup center fielder. Bolstered with 7 RBIs in one game, he should have some trade value.

The sad thing is that even though Ross "just ain't that good", he's better than the Dodger's other options. Lofton is an injury-prone old guy whose gold glove days are behind him. While Repko has speed, he is a mess in the OF. Both of these guys project to underperform Ross with the bat:

Zips 2006 Projections
Ross,Cody .296 .422 .718
Repko,Jason .307 .391 .698
Lofton,Kenny .320 .352 .672

The topper, of course, is that Lofton is making almost $4mils a year, while Ross and Repko are making the minimum of just over $300k. Maybe Mr. Ned could find a new home for Lofton and just leave Ross in CF.


Hee Seop Choi is God and He Doesn't Much Care for McCourt

I thought the comments to this piece over at 6-4-2 were especially humorous (and I wanted to try Rob's new linkback feature).

Friday, April 14, 2006


And The Slowest Player In Baseball Is...

As soon as I read the first line of this article at the Hardball Times, I knew, just knew, that our catcher from last year would be mentioned somehow. Congrats, JP! Your zombie trot shall never be forgotten!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


More on Dodgers (and Angels) Attendance

A few months back I did an analysis of Dodger attendance trends, and one of the commenters wondered about the impact of the Angeles on Dodger attendance. Nate Silver has an interesting article on the free portion of BP that explores this issue in more detail. His conclusion is that an increase in Angel attendance revenues leads to an increase in Dodger revenues and vice versa.

The idea is that if you're a baseball fan and you can't get a decent ticket at one club's game (sold out, out of town, etc.) then you will go to the other. Alternately, if one club is doing well on the field (and therefore drawing well at the stadium) that there will be a buzz about baseball that will encourage folks to go even to the other club's games.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Beltre a Bust?

According to this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Beltre is "on his way to becoming one of the great busts in Mariners history". Of course, if Depo had not been a cheapskate and resigned Belly, then he would have continued his 2004 production in happy Dodgerland. The blue would have also won the NL West instead of losing 91 games, Depo and Tracy would have kept their jobs (much rejoicing in Pittsburgh), and even Tommy Lasorda would be happy.

Speaking of ex-Dodgers gone bust, apparently Steve Garvey is in deep financial troubles. I guess child support payments for all those illegitimate children really adds up. See this LA Times article for more details.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Trade Barry

Check out this ridiculous CNN video. Obviously some Dodger troll has more money than he or she knows what to do with. It also proves the Giant fans are in denial. Dodger fans would never be as oblivious if one of our own were a juicehead. Even if he were a pitcher. Game over.

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