Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Celebrate * ?

Update 3/29: MLB has hired former senator George Mitchell to investigate steroid use by Bonds* and others. Let's hope this is a real investigation and not a PR whitewash.

According to ESPN, MLB plans to celebrate Bonds* run for the HR crown. What the f***? Hasn't Game of Shadows put to rest any reasonable doubt that the guy* was juiced up. Instead of celebrating him*, MLB should ban him*.

I have a question. Will the MLB front office investigate itself for failing to investigate these alleged travesties during the time they were going on? Face it, baseball from Selig on down was perfectly content to look the other way. If Bonds was taking The Cream and The Clear and a raft of other 'roids, the game itself wasn't concerned enough to lift a finger.

Moreover, considering his record was accomplished prior to the changes in the MLB agreement on steroids in 2002, it would seem the "investigation" is little more than a witch hunt whose sole purpose is to drag an unpopular player's name through the mud. It reminds me of a story of the two campers caught in the open by a hungry bear. As one of the two campers starts lacing up his running shoes, the other expresses his startled disbelief, asking "Why do you think you can outrun a bear?" The first guy says, "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you." Selig is hoping Congress doesn't revisit the antitrust exemption, and in a typically cowardly move, has decided Barry Bonds deserves to be thrown to the bear. The asterisk belongs on Selig's desk.
I doubt anyone outside the MLB front office believes this investigation is going to be anything other than a whitewash so Selig can claim that he did something. In fact, I bet even most in the MLB front office don't believe their own shit.

The day Fay Vincent was forced out of the commissioners office was truly a sad day for baseball.
on a related note, today's entry in the mccovey chronicles had me cracking up. april fools!
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