Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Blue Think Tank Fantasy Baseball

It's been almost three months since my last post. Is such delinquency the result of my still smoldering resentment at McCourt for canning Depo? Too damn much work? The wife banned me from all things baseball? Just too f***ing lazy?

No. It's fantasy baseball withdraw-induced coma. Now is the time to rouse from hibernation and enjoy some baseball (of the fantasy variety -- cause I'm certainly not too excited about Mr. Ned's over-the-hill gang of ex-sox&jints).

So follow this link to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball, enter League ID "245831" -- Password "scully", and let the games begin.

welcome back. i've been dormant, too. time to come out of hibernation?
Good to hear from you smog. Yes, it's time to awaken from slumber as openning day approaches.

You should join the fantasy league and let's both try to add some more posts to get the blog running again.
done. seeing how i've never played fantasy baseball, this ought to be quite interesting...
Smog, no worries about never playing. Last year was my first, and I won. As much as I'd like to tout my insightful draft or shrewd trades, luck plays a big part.

We have six teams already and over a week until the draft, so we should reach critical mass.
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