Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Dark Day in Dodgerville

Read it and weep.

It's not that there is no
possibility of Colletti being a serviceable GM, but compared to what we had (Depo) or could have had (Epstein or Ng), Colletti is a big downgrade.

"[Statistics] are part of what we take into consideration, along with scouting reports, and how someone uses their ability," Colletti said. "How a player approaches the game, how he approaches life, far outweighs what the stat line looks like."

That is my biggest concern. Nothing could be worse than a GM that favours personality over performance and it appears that is what we just got.
some "ned colletti" anagrams:

led til conte
old lice tent
ill to decent

on the other hand:

do intellect
I'm trying not to, but I find myself in the mood to weep.
The Dodger circus has inspired me to start a blog, I hope you guys will contribute.

lets see who he hires for the manager. as long as he leaves alone our farm, we'll be fine in two, three years.
Well, I guess I've moved on from sad to resigned.

We've read the tea leaves and we can make guesses, but we don't really know what Colletti will do. I'd rather have a stats guy than a chemistry guy, but I'm more concerned about the Giants emphasis on veterans over youth.

How much of this was Colletti's doing? and will he try to repeat the pattern here? Time will tell.
Veterns over youth on the Giants does not bother me. They had Bonds. mortgaging the future some for the now made some sense. It was the specific aquisitions they made that worries me, not that they chose to try and "win now" while they had the greatest hitter in the history of the game (without regard to how he became so). I don't think it is likely that Colletti would try the same thing here since we have no Bonds. I am worried that his specific acquisitions over the years will suck.
I dont know why people are being positive about the unknown. Just because we don't know Coletti is an idiot doesnt make him any better a hire.

Personally I might just be cynical but i think he's the worst case scenario as far as hires go. Atleast Bowden is quotable.
you can tell me jeff weaver will give more innings/season and i'll agreee, but to say jeff weaver will win more games than Washburn I need to see some proof. Weaver's best season was last year, winning 14 games. 14!!! freakin' ismail valdez had done better. washburn is a proven winner, and a full point lower in ERA despite playing in DH ruled AL. I just done see how weaver is even equal in value, especially now Scott Boras is about to break somebody's bank with weaver's contract. do you really feel he's worth 12 mil/year he's asking? remember Keven Brown? Darren Dreifort? at least Washburn will cost about what weaver costed us last season. and remember, if weaver's best is 4.25 ERA in one of the greatest pitchers ballpark where Chan Ho Park became a star, what do you think Washbrun can do with 3.25 ERA?
I love everyone of dodger fans like family, and I gotta say, my friends, optimism is better than depression, much better... I may be trying too hard to see the light in these dark days of our lives, but there ALWAYS is a sunrise, it's just matter of time.
aaeamdar -- clearly the 800 lbs gorilla is Bonds. Did Sabean/Colletti pick their strategy because they had Bonds, or because they just like veterans? And did the presence of Bonds mask bad deals that would have sunk a Bondless team. Is it much of an accomplishment to best the Fox-era Dodgers 8 of 9 years if you have Bonds? And even if all this were knowable, how much would it say about Colletti apart from Sabean. Only time will tell.

Ross -- positive isn't an accurate representation -- open is more like it. I'll give Colletti a chance to work hi magic before I pass judgment. On the other hand, I think we have enough evidence to pass judgment on the McCourts. They are buffoons. As I said in my post, firing Depo was a huge mistake.

haileysdad -- I'll pass on Washburn and refer you to Ross' comment on yours or his blog (don't remember which anymore).
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