Thursday, November 03, 2005


BP on Epstein & Depo's Departures

If you're a Baseball Prospectus subscriber you really should check out this fine article by Joe Sheehan. He lays bare the myths of the bitgod crowd and takes a few warranted shots at the McCourts, including this one:
I can't say for sure where McCourt is taking his counsel these days, but I have no doubt that he's getting bad advice. As good as 2006 may be on the field, the long-term prospects for this organization are terrible, and it's McCourt's fault.
In a similar vein, norcaldodger has added this articulate
post to what's otherwise become a sea of idiotic Depo-bashing over at He even goes so far as to suggest that McCourt suck it up and take Depo back:
The McCourts, who have in the past paid lip service to "making mistakes", should admit this latest one and bring DePo back. After all, DePo's under contract for three more years . . . the money saved might bring a quality bat.
Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. In fact, it's much more likely that McCourt hires Bowden. Until I hear otherwise, I'm going to hang onto hope that somehow the club can land Epstein.

this entire mess is summed up nicely as hunsicker accepts the #2 job with the devil rays instead of possibly the #1 job with LA.
So true. In some ways I agree with the bitgods . . . the Dodgers used to be a great organization. Now a second rate job at a cheap expansion franchise is preferable.

And if you believe the reports from ESPNews, Epstein doesn't have any interest in the job either. Not that I could blame him -- Depo's probably filled him in on all the McCourt dirt.

Looks like the last, best hope is Kim Ng. Otherwise it's the likes of Hart/Bowden.
I've been praying for Epstein or Ng... We'd be safe in their hands. That's all I ask.
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