Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ain't Much Going On...

A lot of rumors floating around, especially the supposed offers made to Giles and Furcal. It's unlikely that the Dodgers sign both of them due to payroll limits, whatever that may be. While signing Giles makes plenty of sense, Furcal at first glance seems superfluous given the depth in the middle infield.

It's also possible (even likely) that LA misses out on both of them, and will have to resort to trades to fill needs, as there are slim pickings in the free agency market. Time will tell whether Colletti has a trade idea or two lined up to shore up the roster. I hope he does, anyway.

Meanwhile, here are some recent off-topic things that caught my eye.

Kanpai, Bobby!

I finally found a photo of Bo Beer, named in honor of Bobby Valentine and his championship-winning season in Japan as manager. Too bad the mugshot doesn't include the fake glasses and moustache combo.

Circle Illusion

Why does the blank spot always turn to green? Must have something to do with complementary color schemes.

Ronald McDonald robs Wendy's?

Imagine the taunts this guy faced at work before he decided to rob it. Come to think of it, imagine the taunts he faces now:

"Robble Robble Robble!"

Well, Giles is now a gonner. I'm not sure Furcal makes much sense, especially at the salary numbers being talked about.

At least the damn pink dot always turns green.
no giles - drats.
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