Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Just After I Defend Bradley's Bunt On Sunday...

Bradley pops up a bunt in the top of the 8th today with a runner on 1st with 0 outs, with the team down by a run. To quote myself in the comments section in the previous post, "bradley is an EXCELLENT bunter, though. he doesn't bunt often, but i've never seen him botch one." Well said, stupid.

That's it, I just hexed the team. That's what I get for defending Tracy for once. A mouthful of crow. And a discouraging loss, as well.

I'm need to be very, very careful of black cats and broken mirrors for a while.

I'm so puzzled by today's attempted bunt...No bunt will help you score 2 when there's only 1 baserunner. The team needed 2 runs to grab the lead. That's a completely different scenario from Sunday's, which was a tied game in the bottom of the 9th.

Had the bunt even been successful, Kent probably would have been intentionally walked again, with Valentin batting next. Jose just got off the DL and hasn't been a proven bat all year like Saenz.

So was that bunt a sac attempt or one for a single? If that was a sac attempt, I'm goint to be ticked off...

Don't blame yourself Smog. Blame Tracy. It's what all the cool cats are doing today.
I won't say I told you so, but . . .

The sad thing is Tracy continues to play Phillips at 1B. Phillips did have to come out tonight after being hit in the hand. I hope he's not hurt, but maybe Tracy could let Choi start just one game.
Don't be puzzled. It is 100% guaranteed that Jim Tracy receives no blame for failed bunts, though he receives 100% credit for "successful" ones (as if they exist). Tomorrow, in the LA Times, that will unquestioningly be Milton Bradley's "idea," Milton Bradley's "fault," and Milton Bradley's bunt.

SHS, assume there is some optimal, rational time to call for a bunt. Then ignore that fact, because Tracy is too dumb to figure out the difference anyway. The bunt that is called for at the theoretical "right time" (and by no means do I concede that Saturday's bunt fits that description) leads, in Tracy's case, to fifty more that blow runs and ballgames. That is another fact that your earlier analysis, unfortunately, failed to cover. :)
when i posted this, i "saw" the botched bunt on gameday. according to some quotes in the papers today, it looks like bradley bunted on his own. you called it steve, but the replays sure looked as if he was going for a hit...
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